Meet our Cat Family:


Zeus is our 7 year-old boy, who wasn’t supposed to survive his 1st birthday according to a feline heart specialist, because of his extreme heart condition. He is running our lives and makes sure we’re keeping up with our daily routines. Sometimes, he likes to speed up the ‘events’ like taking a shower, brushing teeth, using the treadmill etc. so that we get to his favorite routine – play time! We cherish every moment with him and he’s as fit as a boy can be – which makes us happy every day! His favorite toy: A soft blue ball from Germany. Can’t be any other ball and HAS to be blue – he plays fetch as long as you have time to throw the ball!


Angel is Zeus’ sister and a real tomboy. She is challenging Zeus every day while also making sure she’s awake when all the others are asleep so that she gets ALL the attention from us. She likes to talk a lot, too, and comes up with all kinds of creative sounds to show that she’s unique 🙂 Her favorite toys are the metal wrapping around a champagne cork. When she sees me opening a bottle she’s already there to pick it up. This is what she likes to fetch all day.


Sochi is our beautiful and playful scaredy-cat from Germany. Her motto: In case of doubt, disappear quickly! Sochi and her sister Imp traveled all the way from Germany to California together. Her sister lives with a friend of mine in Sacramento, CA. Sochi, our little Marilyn Monroe, loves to tease Zeus… and always gets what she wants! She is also the model of our CatCrazy Channel logo 🙂 Her favorite toy is a feather teaser wand… fits well since she just loves to chase birds!


Xena is Zeus’ and Angel’s mom – spunky, affectionate, witty and smart as smart can be. She showed her babies all they need to know to train us biped ‘monkeys’. We recently lost her to an illness that couldn’t be cured. We tried it all and will always miss her.

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